Rental Rates for Cornerstone Ranch

Updated January 2016

General Information: Rental of property is limited to the specific area being rented. For insurance purposes guests are not allowed to roam free on the property. In addition, there will be times when multiple parties may be using parts of the property so it is important that we respect the other groups by staying in your designated area. No four-wheelers are allowed.

A signed waiver of liability is required prior to use of the property. Full payment will be due prior to rental of the property. In addition to the rental rate, a security deposit of $50 will be due prior to rental.

A Cornerstone Ranch representative will meet with a representative of the party prior to the event to go over details including access to the property, designated area, signing of waiver, and payment.

We do not have a dumpster on the property so removal of your trash is YOUR responsibility. Please make sure you leave the property the way you found it. The security deposit will not be returned if the trash is not removed and the property is not left as it was found.

Options Available for Rent

Bunkhouse Pavilion: Rental Rate is for 4 Hours-$125. This includes use of the bunkhouse with a full kitchen and bathrooms. There is a firepit, basketball goal, and grassy area for use as well. There is a multi-purpose field within walking distance that can be also used .This bunkhouse has electricity available if needed.

Hitchler Pavilion: Rental Rate is for 4 Hours-$125. This is a larger pavilion than the Bunkhouse Pavilion and includes use of the bunkhouse with a full kitchen , however it is farther away from the Bunkhouse and facilities. There is a large grassy, park-like area adjacent from the pavilion that can be used as well. There is no electricity to this area, however, there is a generator that can be used. The renter will need to bring fuel for the generator.

Overnight Bunkhouse Rental: Rental Rate is for 5:00 pm to Noon of the following day-$200. This includes everything associated with the Bunkhouse Pavillion rental as well as use of the Bunkhouse for overnight lodging. There are enough bunkbeds to accommodate 13 campers. In addition there is a full bathroom with two showers. The bunkhouse has heat and electricity.

Rental of any other areas of the property would have to be requested and decided upon on a case by case basis. 


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