Weekend Retreats

Our weekend retreats, which begin in 2008, are two days and one night (Friday and Saturday).  A typical retreat involves fishing, canoeing, playing basketball, archery, camp fires, and zip lining.  Campers participate in spiritual growth through devotions and worship experiences both Friday and Saturday.  Various groups are chosen by our board to participate in the weekend retreats and the cost is covered by sponsors.  There are 4 weekend retreats each summer with about 20 campers at each.    

Elementary school Day Camp 

Starting in Summer 2015, Elementary School Day Camps reach rising 1st through rising 5th grade children.  The focus of the camps is allowing young people to experience the great outdoors while teaching them about the love of Christ.  Cornerstone Ranch implements 3 of these camps each summer and they each have a maximum of 80 campers.  Each camp consists of outdoor games, recreational activities, arts/crafts, and a devotional time.  

Middle School Day camp

 Introducing our newest addition to our camps, Middle School Day Camp will start Summer 2017.  The focus of these camps will be similar to our Elementary School Day Camp where we strive to teach campers about the love of Christ while participating in outdoor activities.  The specific experiences will be tailored to middle school age interest, but will still include times for recreation and devotion.  For the first summer, Cornerstone Ranch will have 1 of these camps with a maximum of 80 campers.